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Save the Good Seed

Save the Good Seed

Author: Monty Joynes

Save the Good Seed is the third novel in the on-going saga of Anglo, a middle-aged white man whose internal enlightenment leads him to a new life on an Indian reservation., , Today "Anglo Who Became Chief Old Woman's Son" lives among the Pueblo Indians, a long way from his life as Winston Conover, middle-aged Virginia businessman. His disillusionment with that life led him to discard it--along with every vestige of his identity--as described in the first book of this series, Naked Into the Night. In the second novel, Lost in Las Vegas, Anglo repays the tribe by using his knowledge of the white man's world to help reclaim a lost member of the tribe who had been seduced by the show business life., , Now Anglo is still among the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico, finding the sacred in everyday life, not just in ceremonies and vision quests. But there are mutterings: Why is this white man living among them? Is he not a "pretend Indian?" Anglo came to the reservation for his own reasons--but he now finds himself a point of contention between those who want the tribe to become "modern" and those who want to return to past values, reclaiming the way of life some say is lost forever. And as Anglo becomes more immersed in the daily rhythms of tribal life, a young man half a continent away begins a long journey to find his home after half a lifetime spent among the whites. Ultimately, their paths cross . . ., , In Save the Good Seed, Monty Joynes creates a vivid portrait of the disappearing world of ritual and harmony. His gift for creating real characters lays bare the pain and waste of the human spirit when denied its birthright, and demonstrates the courage and spirit need to find the way home.

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Publisher:Hampton Roads Publishing
Publish Date:Feb. 1 1999
Author:Monty Joynes

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