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Ambushed Souls

Ambushed Souls

Author: Beverly Adams

In the beginning God created Beverlyn, He made her a clear and wonderful spirit. He wrapped her in light, and kissed her giving the power of experiencing the journey through the universe that lies within. The essence of insight, wisdom and compassion placed deep within her soul. He placed a hunger for life, an understanding of being the rights of every human being. God is very important in Beverlyn's life. Beverlyn's sense of being here for a purpose at this particular time.

The unraveling of a dream. Life's acts are but reenactments of a dream that becomes a nightmare. The need to be nurtured after birth was very great. The choices to be born black to a teenage girl and a man who seduced his niece into his bed in the ending of 1948. Many obstacles have confronted me. Beginning with the lady in the shadows I went to her when I first left the hospital. My mother went away shortly after my birth.

The bedroom was always very dark, quiet it was as if i I was on another planet it seemed that time stopped at least for me. I was frightened and alone. Beverlyn life changed on the day that the door the my chamber opened and in walked my greatest nightmare.

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Publisher:Xlibris Corp
Publish Date:March 25 2011
Author:Beverly Adams

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