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Spiral Circle Hearts & Hands

Located in the heart of Central Florida, our metaphysical bookstore is no ordinary place. For decades, Spiral Circle has been a pioneering spiritual center and anchor institution in Central Florida for like-minded people to gather together and explore the many paths of spirituality.
Beverly Ford Founder

The mother of Spiral Circle still dances inside Spiral Circle, her presence felt by the current stewards and patrons on a regular basis. Her husband, Sweet William, is writing a proper bio for Beverly and will be here soon!

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Yuki Smith

Yukiko is a mother who blends her Japanese heritage with earth based spiritual practices. She is an avid learner of the power of crystals and practices intentional living with them daily. She is also a singer and actor who has entertained many children throughout Japan. She was also in Beautiful Chorus, a local women's choir. She spends her time singing as her meditation practice every day.

Our History

Founded in the Spring of 1975 by Beverly & William Ford, this beloved "third place" enjoyed it's 44th birthday in 2019, just prior to being acquired on June 3rd by Sky Mother, LLC. Sky Mother was the original name of Spiral Circle and formed as a joint venture between the Summer Rodman Trust (majority ownership) and Yestermorrow Adventures, which is wholly owned by Julie Wilder

Inspired by Beverly Ford's pioneering spirit and a deep commitment to community, these new caretakers will cultivate this spiritual space into the foreseeable future.

Ruth McLemore-Price

Ruth is a long time student of A Course In Miracles, a lover of crystals and colors and a believer that thoughts become things. She is an encourager and uplifter who finds great joy in helping people remember that The Universe/ God/ Great Spirit/ All-That-Is lives, moves, breathes and dances within each of us. As A Course in Miracles teaches, Love is all there is, everything else is an illusion and a call for love.

Summer Rodman Owner

Poet, mystic and seeker, Summer has loved Spiral Circle since High School when she first learned to meditate. She is a lifelong student of tarot, shamanism and Jungian thought. In addition to philosophical adventures, she loves the world of sparkling crystals (rutilated quartz!), plant allies and prayer in all its forms. As the guardian of her own family's business, her role of continuing the legacy of Spiral Circle is second nature.

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Christina Ray

A patron of Spiral Circle bookstore since the 80’s, Christina is a mother & devout student of Metaphysics, Angel Intuitive, and Certified Hypnotist.  Angel Rays is her thriving spiritual counseling practice teaching psychic development classes & facilitating Spiritual Retreats nationwide. She's been an in-house reader at Spiral since 2011 and considers Beverly one of her greatest mentors. It’s a dream come true to be part of this new chapter at Spiral Circle. 

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Julie Wilder Owner

Lover of herbal tea, rubies and community, Julie walks the Goddess path in the Wise Woman tradition. Alongside managing Spiral Circle, she is also a product developer, mother and localist. She's been a graphic designer, restauranteur and public radio talk show host. A patron of Spiral Circle since 2004, Julie is honored to preserve Beverly's iconic bookstore for the Orlando community.

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Chonteau McElvin

Chonteau is a Medicine Woman Sacred Plant Herbalist, Intuitive and retired Social Worker. You will find her playing in her garden, creating new recipes, meditating and reading. She offers healing consultations which illuminate the areas of ones life that are preventing them from moving forward. She often provides incarnations, rituals and other and other spiritual remedies for what ails the soul.

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