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Christina Ray

Angel Intuitive, Medium, and Certified Hypnotist. She has a thriving spiritual counseling practice in Central Florida called Angel Rays. Christina has been doing Readings since 1993 and has been an in house Reader at Spiral Circle since 2011. She also specialized in Past Life Regressions, Hypnosis for weight loss, teaches spiritual and psychic development classes every week and facilitates Spiritual Retreats nationwide.

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Sabrina Jones

Intuitive Wayshower. Sabrina's first career was in the music business. Even though she was exposing amazing talent to the public, it wasn't fulfilling enough. Sabrina did a PIVOT and jumped into the spiritual and holistic world. Today, Sabrina offers many different modalities to help others grow and thrive. Sabrina is a Vitality Life Coach, Frequency Practitioner, Numerologist, Twin Flame Coach, Wellness Educator, Tarot Reader, and Breathwork Guide. Besides her private offerings, she also teaches and hosts classes, workshops and events. Life Path: 5, Sun: Taurus, Ascendant: Scorpio, Moon: Aquarius.

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Misti C Miller

Emotional Wellness Guide & Psychic Mentor. I specialize in helping women transform their pain and trauma so they can overcome their blockages and live with confidence, clarity and joy.. with the tools they need and more connection to their spirit guides. There are many tools I use; palmistry, tarot, theta healing, workshops, chakra clearing, channel messages. Call or text #904 438-9222.

Chonteau McElvin

Medicine Woman, Sacred Plant Herbalist, Intuitive and retired Social Worker. She offers healing consultations which illuminate the areas of ones life that are preventing them from moving forward. She often provides incarnations, rituals and other spiritual remedies for what ails the soul.

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Savvie - No Hippie Tea

Savvie is an international, intuitive reader and a life style Energy healer. Stir up some emotion and steep in intuitive entertainment. Put the kettle on and schedule your reading with Savvie today. *Now offering amazing insight, with the unique Tea leaf fortune cards, by Rae Hepburn Schedule an appointment today! Available every Tuesday afternoon @ Spiralcirclebooks And by appointment for in person or long distance consultation . see what’s in your cup! Call or text~ (407) 906-9234 At the moment teacup readings are only done by email.

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Barbara Gagliardi

Barbara Gagliardi is a natural Intuitive with a Master of Metaphysics Degree from Delphi University of Spiritual Studies and is a member of the International Registry of Spiritual Healers. She has dedicated more than 30 years to the healing arts and specializes in Entura Art Readings, a technique that allows her to connect with other’s energy and bring intuitive insight and understanding through channeled spiritual art. It is an artistic form of alchemy that transmits both psychological and spiritual precision by way of symbols and colors that flow onto the canvas. With an Entura Art reading, you can receive helpful guidance, emotional and spiritual healing, and ultimately gain new levels of awareness. Barbara also practices other holistic healing therapies including craniosacral therapy, energy balancing, hypnotherapy and meditation.

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Dianiluz Cora

Coach Dianiluz Cora has served as a channel of Divine light for many years. Her devotion to Source comes forth as healing, both through Coaching (certified coach since 2008) and through her Angelic and Akashic tarot readings. As an advanced soul at the service of humanity, she is committed to helping people with their process of awakening and ascension at this time. At Spiral Circle, she will be a channel for the Archangels, Ascended Masters and the Lords of the Akasha as directed by SOURCE. Coach Dianiluz es un canal de Luz Divina. Su devoción al servicio de la Divinidad lo canaliza a través de su trabajo como Coach y las lecturas angelicales, que en Spiral Circle serán hechas con los Arcángeles y los Señores del Akasha. En Spiral Circle todos sus servicios están disponibles en Español.

Deanna Victoria

Deanna is an Intuitive Card Reader, Psychic, Channeller, and Sound Healer. After a 7 year military career, Deanna shifted her focus and gained her life coaching certification from UC Davis (2019). She also became a certified Acutonics Sound Healer (2018), enabling her to use tuning forks and frequency vibration to assist in aligning the energies of the mind, body, and spirit as intuitively guided for the individual client’s needs. She also provides a free energy forecast reading every Sunday, called “Seer Sunday" on Spiral Circle’s Instagram account. She is passionate about helping others to know their worth, find healing, and feel connected to the deep level of loving support that exists all around, helping to inspire the soul, heal the heart, and bring clarity through life’s many twists and turns.

Vanessa Avila

Quantum Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Intuitive, Yoga 200 RYT, Reiki Level I&II practitioner, Certified Systemic Constellation Coach, Meditation Guide & Sacred Space Facilitator. The heartbeat of my service to the collective is guiding people to learn to distinguish what the soul loves and needs, from the blind pressures of our programming through Astrology, and other tools I have learned to master in my own healing journey. We are all masters, we are all healers, we are all powerful multi-dimensional beings and my love language is to remind you of this power. Mis servicios tambien estan disponibles en español. You can contact Vanessa via instagram - @astrochampagne