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Circle Crystal Pendants
Howard I. Schlansker
Gemstone Heart Pendant | Assorted
Christian Brands Catholic
Our Lady Guadalupe Two-Tone Medal Pendant
Museum Reproductions | Discoveries Egyptian Imports
Scarab Beads
Rainbow Gems Inc.
Aura Quartz Pendants | Assorted
Howard I. Schlansker
Crystal Pendant Simple
Spiral Circle
Ammonite Slices | Pendant
Raiders of the Lost Art
Triple Point Plated Crystal Pendant
Raiders of the Lost Art
Crystal Point with Gem Pendant | Sterling Silver
From $40.00
Raiders of the Lost Art
Amethyst Cupcake Pendant | Sterling Silver
Sangoma LLC
Wire-Wrapped Pendants | Assorted
From $26.00
World Peaces
Africa Brass Pendant
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