Open Your Mind to Prosperity

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Learn the Entire Formula for Prosperity, There are many success courses and books available to­day, and they are all good. Anything that helps you to open your mind to prosperity is worthwhile. But most of those courses and books cover only about one-fourth of the formula given in OPEN YOUR MIND TO PROSPERITY. Other books only explain how to create your prosperity mentally first. Catherine Ponder not only explains how, she helps you prepare your mind for prosperity and directs you forward to a life of prosperity. To live a prosperous life, you must learn how to clear away the psychological blocks about prosperity, as discussed in Chapter 1; then learn how to cleanse your mind to make way for prosperity, as explained in Chapter 2; then follow this up by giving your prosperity a spiritual basis, as shown in Chapter 6 just creating your prosperity mentally first is not enough., By learning the entire formula for prosperity as given in this book, in both Part I and Part II, you will find that it becomes an automatic process which you can easily invoke again and again, and you will enjoy doing so. Then you will return to the cleansing laws of prosperity and once again form a vacuum, in both inner and outer ways. You will begin again to create your prosperity mentally first, probably making a new list, getting fresh mental pictures and affirmations to work with daily.

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