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Attract Wealth

Attract Wealth

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You deserve to be rich!

The premise of this book is that you are meant to lead a free, radiant, and wealth-filled life; that you deserve to have all the money you want or need. Great riches are within your grasp and can be accessed through the vast untapped resources of your mind.

This New Thought classic text is a wealth primer that encourages you to harness the power of your unconscious mind to:
  • Claim your right to be rich
  • Stop disparaging wealth
  • Prioritize
  • Focus on happiness and good will
  • Embrace the Law of Attraction
  • Overcome the mental disease of poverty
  • Lead a balanced life—which includes acquiring all the money you need
It is empowering, hopeful, and helpful. It is for those who want to overcome the trauma and fallout of the past year and get their lives back on track.

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