Earth School Dynamics 101

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Earth School Dynamics-101 (ESD-101) is a true story about one man's extraordinary spiritual experiences, and how you can attain spiritual enlightenment. Because of the intensity of the spiritual encounters, it has taken over 35 years for the author to record the revelations. The first chapters of the book recount his experiences and the contributing personal events. The latter chapters provide a breakdown of the revelations and instruction for applying the principles. ESD-101 has nothing to do with religion, although readers will recognize various components of some traditional beliefs. ESD-101 brings together those puzzle pieces and combines new insights to make a more complete picture. Beginning on page 22, there are 36 pages that explain Earth School Dynamics, or the everyday influences that each person must understand and navigate in order to maximize their potential. Readers will also be given specific formulas that will allow them to pass the toughest of Life's tests. With ESD-101 redefining our reality, many souls will find the guide for which they have been searching.

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