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Rev. Tony discusses politics, relationships, sex, dangerous cults, ancient Rome, and more -- all from a deep understanding of the *A Course In Miracles* metaphysics that underlies our world. *After Enlightenment* leaves you with a smile and the comforting thought we're more enlightened than we think. - - - "While I have read many excellent writings by students and teachers of the *Course*, Tony's articles struck me as unusually engaging, real, and refreshingly practical. His applications are highly relevant and he offers a wealth of cogent (and humorous) examples from his own experience. Bottom line: Tony is unpretentiously believable and he proves that the Course changes lives for the better." - Alan Cohen - author: *The Dragon Doesn't Live Here Anymore*, *I Had It All The Time* and *A Deep Breath Of Life* - - - "The most irreverent Reverend I know has just unleashed his pithy and plainspoken thoughts about religion, sex, relationships, false messiahs, Jesus Christ, scandalous behavior, and, among still other things, *A Course In Miracles*, upon an unsuspecting and utterly unprepared world. After enlightenment, I think there will be a lot more folks saying 'Thank God for Tony Ponticello!'" - D. Patrick Miller - author: *Understanding A Course In Miracles* - - - "Rev. Tony, a leading force in the *A Course In Miracles* community for decades, presents his thought provoking articles about applying *Course* philosophy to a complex world. Practical and hopeful, his words are helpful as we search to find inner peace in chaotic times." - Marianne Williamson -- author: *A Return To Love*, *A Woman's Worth*, and *The Age Of Miracles*

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