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Kongo Kingdom 1620. Nzingha Mbemba was the daughter of King Afonso, the first ruler of central-western and eastern Africa.

Nzingha's defiance to her father, the King, causes her to be captured by Portuguese pirates and placed on a slave ship.

Being a talented female warrior. Nzingha and her best friend Iney escaped the ship by stealing away a boat.

The two drifted in the Atlantic Ocean, arriving at a deserted tropical Island. After finding peace while on the island, she did not wish to return home to face her traitorous father. Nzingha decides to stay. She was tired of the wars in her homeland. Staying on the Island was an escape from it all. But was it truly an escape?

Sir Andrew Barton of Scotland was the second lord to his castle and a successful sea merchant. On a journey to import exotic merchandise. Andrew and the ship's crewman are caught in a catastrophic storm that claimed many lives.

Sir Andrew' aka' "Drake." was thrown overboard and drifted to a nearby Island.

Stranded with no food and no water, lord Barton comes into contact with Nzingha. Her first reaction is not to trust him, but eventually, the two create an unbreakable bond that forces the young lord to fall in love with her.
Finding a way off the island, Nzingha is forced to face a decision. Will she go home to face her father's wrath? Or will she return with Lord Andrew Barton to his homelands?

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