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Author: Dorothy Maclean, Freya Secrest

In 1954, after earlier having the wonderful experience of knowing that God was within, Dorothy Maclean was asked from within to "Stop, listen and write."  When she eventually did this, she received inspiring experiences which she put into words and wrote down.  These became the pole star of her life, and gave her the help, training, joy and love which she needed for any situation.  Basically she was asked to be more loving in her life.  She followed this advice as much as I could for the ten years before coming to Findhorn.  There she was also told she had a job to communicate with Nature and when she did, they received help from Nature beings, the angels or devas, in their attempts to grow vegetables in sand.  eir cooperation with Nature in the Findhorn Garden grew from following their suggestions. The contents of this book, one hundred messages chosen from June 1970 to December 1971, have been slightly edited for republication. May you be inspired, as others have been, by these messages and from your own still small voice within. This book also includes reproductions of some of Dorothy Maclean's watercolor paintings reproduced in black and white.

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Publisher:Lorian Press
Publish Date:Feb. 18 2008
Author:Dorothy Maclean, Freya Secrest

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