Wedding Rites | The Complete Guide to Traditional Vows, Music, Ceremonies, Blessings, and Interfaith Services

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Many engaged couples, no matter what their personal style, find themselves turning back to tradition for their wedding ceremony. Is there a way to follow tradition and still carve your own wedding path? Yes, there is -- with this unique book in hand.

Michael Foley presents meaningful wedding traditions so old that they're practically new again. Roman Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, and Jewish wedding traditions fill this comprehensive guidebook, the only one of its kind. From music and flowers to vows and ceremonies to blessings, Foley's Wedding Rites contains a vast assortment of rich traditions very usable in weddings today. Best of all, it's easy to reference and easy to use!

This book is an indispensable resource for couples, wedding planners, ministers, and all who love the beauty of tradition.

Wedding Rites offers:

  • concrete suggestions for each facet of your wedding, from engagement to reception
  • guidelines for designing your own distinctive wedding program
  • practical advice for interfaith weddings
  • forgotten wedding customs -- carecloths, loving cups, coin blessings, and others
  • and much more!

Michael P. Foley is assistant professor of patristics in the Great Texts Program at Baylor University. He is also the author of Why Do Catholics Eat Fish on Friday? The Catholic Origin to Just About Everything.

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