Wake Up To Your True Identity: A Guided Personal Development Journal For Young Black Men

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Volume 3 of Wake Up To Your True Identity is a meditation journal designed to help young black men of this generation explore and discover who they are as individuals and gain a sense of self-awareness. In this modern day society where our young black males are being socialized to become effeminate, the goal of this journal is to re-educate their minds to become the strong and mature men that our race so desperately needs them to be. This journal tackles this challenge using the method of self-psychology; by giving the reader the opportunity to examine their own selves. Each page of this journal asks the reader a simple but specific question that will prompt him to dig deep down into his soul for the answer. The questions are written as if the reader is asking himself the question and challenges him to evaluate his character and beliefs; so that He can see his flaws and be motivated to change. This journal also includes scriptures, to help inspire and empower the reader to grow into the man that He was created to be.

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