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Use Less Stuff

Use Less Stuff

Author: Robert Lilienfeld

Q: What do all of the previous civilizations that practiced recycling have in common?, A: They're extinct., , Let's face it. Recycling has its limits. But so does our Earth. As environmentalists Robert Lilienfeld and William Rathje explain, the answer to our twenty-first century garbage crisis is both simple and practical--use less stuff. This groundbreaking consumer guide suggests helpful money- and energy-saving tips for everyone who cares about how we live today and tomorrow. Learn to reduce and reuse with creative suggestions for all areas of your life, including:, , At home: Turn down the heat before guests arrive for a party--the extra body heat will warm up the room, During the holidays: Save gift boxes to use the following year, At the store: Buy products that come in concentrated formats--like juice and detergent, At the office: Donate or sell old office equipment, At school: Post announcements on a school Web site, In the great outdoors: Bring magic markers to your picnic so guests can label their cups and plates, , And many more!, , Start a war on waste and help save the planet!

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Publisher:Ballantine Books
Publish Date:Nov. 3 1998
Author:Robert Lilienfeld

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