Unlocking the Labor Cage: Capitalism in the Twenty-First Century

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We are currently caged by the idea that only labor provides compensable value in society and this book hacks at that belief. By Unlocking the Labor Cage, we remove obstacles that act as incentives for the status quo and hold back innovation. By Unlocking the Labor Cage, we remember that economics is one of the humanities. By Unlocking the Labor Cage, we unlock the human potential to evolve society through imagination, creativity, and innovation. "Consumer trust of User Generated Content is paramount to the evolving landscape of advertising. Vinny Tafuro’s observations and proposal in Unlocking the Labor Cage for the ethical cultivation of UGC by corporations is both timely and wise." -- Wally Snyder, President Emeritus, American Advertising Federation "We often act as though we are at the mercy of a given economic system. Vinny unlocks our minds and monetary constraints, reminding us we are in control, in this excellent and thought-provoking read” -- Savannah Peterson, Founder, Savvy Millennial, Forbes 30 Under 30 "Economics is not a discipline to which we are beholden, but one which we have the opportunity to bend to our will, to create better lives for ourselves and our children. Unlocking the Labor Cage offers an opportunity to do just that.” -- Taylor Pearson, Author, End of Jobs "Vinny Tafuro reminds us that the whole point of collective rule-making is the betterment of society. May his wit and wisdom ring trough the halls of legislatures and court rooms." -- Brent Britton, Managing Partner, de la Peña & Holiday LLP

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