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Under Aldebaran

Under Aldebaran

Author: Brite Templeton

This series is different from others as far as theme is concerned for the following reasons: it takes place in the 1940's, a time few young people are even aware of, the two main characters knew each other "someplace before" this is up to reader's interpretation and imagination as to whether this is a past life, or their previous planet really exists, unrealistic situations are placed amid the realistic and even depressionesque situations of World War II. A couple fantastical characters make an appearance- they are good. I don't know what to compare it to, because I don't think there's anything else like this out there. Young girls are longing for something that lets them exercise their imagination and introduce them to a time with which they're completely unfamiliar, a Quaker girl and a "foreign" girl create things magic in the realm of New York City which are mysterious and at times scary. I don't know what kind of writing this is, except that I love it, I dream it, I drink it, I breathe it, and I wish it were in print, now,May I presentUnder Aldebaran

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Publish Date:April 19 2007
Author:Brite Templeton

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