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In your throat chakra you encounter emotional and mental issues as you master the power of choice. It is in the throat chakra where you find the ability to give voice to the truth and to speak out. It is interesting that your ability to listen resides in the throat chakra as well as the ability to sing, laugh, speak and chant. Illness is also connected to this chakra. Each detail of your daily life involves choice. Illness is one of life?s details. Through understanding the throat chakra and the power of choice you can use your willpower for health. The ancient recipes coming from Ayurvedic medicine utilize your sense of smell to help you heal. Essential oils and incense become tools in the healing process. Clues the throat chakra is blocked are physical imbalances such as chronic sore throats, mouth ulcers, TMJ, gum difficulties, scoliosis, swollen glands, or thyroid problems. Triloka?s Throat Chakra Ayurvedic Incense is created from all natural sources to help you heal. It is hand-made by cottage industry in a network of villages. Triloka?s incense artisans blend together Mysore sandalwood, lavender and bergamot to create their throat chakra incense. Versatile lavender has been found to stimulate your body?s production of white blood cells when inhaled. This improves the rate at which you heal. Sandalwood in incense lifts your spirits. You feel more positive about conquering your daily challenges. Bergamot adds a spicy, warm floral quality to the incense that is particularly beneficial in treating lack of self-confidence and depression. Each package contains 10 sticks, 10? in length. You learn the power of the spoken word with an open throat chakra. In this chakra you find the ability to express your own truth. Called Vissuddha, this chakra is connected to your overall health. Triloka?s Throat Chakra Ayurvedic Incense contains lavender, Mysore sandalwood, and bergamot.

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