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  • Tourmaline Quartz Chunk
  • Tourmaline Quartz Chunk
Tourmaline Quartz Chunk
Tourmaline Quartz Chunk

Tourmaline Quartz Chunk

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 This juicy quartz chunk is decorated with black tourmaline imbued within. It weighs about 4.5 ounces and is sourced from China.

Quartz is a silicon dioxide crystal and a hexagonal structure. It is one of the most abundant minerals on earth, found on every continent and comprises a family with many other stones such as Amethyst and Rose Quartz.

Quartz has long been the focus of various beliefs and folklore around the world, from Japan to indigenous tribes of North America. It is known to be an excellent conduit for amplifying intentions, enhancing ones' memory, healing and cleansing. It is one of the most versatile stones. Unlike other stones, it is mutable and can be "programmed" to have certain properties. It is emotionally neutral and encourages clarity on all levels.

Properties: Amplifying properties, cleansing, healing.
Chakra: All
Element: Storm

Black Tourmaline are a strong choice for psychic protection and balance. They can keep your space clear of bad vibes coming in or out of your direction. It can transmute negative energy and convert it into usable energy upon purification. They are excellent at getting rid of feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, anxiety, and anger.


Properties: Purification, Protection
Element: Earth
Chakras: Base (1st)

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