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Double Terminated Tourmaline In Quartz Wand

Double Terminated Tourmaline In Quartz Wand

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These wands are about 3.5 inches.

These are black tourmaline within Quartz which creates a powerful cleansing duo. Quartz is an excellent conduit for amplifying intentions, enhancing memory, healing, and cleansing. Black Tourmaline is a strong protection stone that helps balance and ground. It helps to clear negative energies or blockages. It helps to transmute these energies and convert them into usable energy upon purification. Tourmaline gets rid of feelings of inadequacy, unworthiness, anxiety, and anger. 

Double Terminated refers to the cut of the stone. It is pointed on both ends which directs the energies of these stones in two directions as opposed to one. 

Properties: Cleansing, Protection, Grounding, Balance.

Chakras: All

Elements: All

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