Titanium Aura Quartz Small Cluster

Size: Medium (7.7oz)
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This kaleidoscopic cluster of lightly coated Titanium Aura Quartz sits flat between about 7 to 8 ounces. ounces. It's also know as Angel Aura Quartz. Sourced from China.

Properties: Increased Life Force, Vitality, Rainbow Body Activation, humor, relaxation, life enjoyment
Element: Fire, Storm
Chakras: All

Titanium Quartz is a specially coated type of Quartz. The quartz is bonded with Titanium and other metal oxides. Despite the treatment being a human-interference, the energy is remarkably different from an untreated quartz. It is also the most powerful and vibrationally intense specimen of treated quartz. It tends to make handling the mundane easier and more efficient; one becomes more confident, aware, and focused. It can also revive and refresh humor and relaxation. A powerful combination of Titanium Quartz and Moldavite will provide an invigorating surcharge to energize one’s spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional energies.  This also clears the path for your life force to flow easily.

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