Through a Stroke of Luck

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Wondrous truths about the inner workings of the Universe are unveiled as the author allows us to see intimately through her eyes while she suffers a paralyzing stroke and then struggles, laughs, weeps, and even celebrates through her astonishing and revelatory first year as a hemiplegic., , This intimate account candidly details what it’s like to be having a stroke, then follows the author into the Emergency Room, Intensive Care, Rehab Hospital, and on through her soul-expanding first year of recovery. There are moments of hilarity as well as poignancy. All along the way, surprising events—even miracles—take place. No, her severe physical impairments are not magically cured. But gradually a different sort of healing occurs, touching not only Corrie, but many others as well. Because the tale is told without reference to any religious doctrine we are left to make sense of these wonders within the framework of personal beliefs, perhaps expanding our notions of how the Universe operates., , Glossary; Ideas for Book Discussion Groups. 148 pages.

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