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Thrive Through It: A Guide to Redefine Resilience, Communicate with Empathy, and Practice Allyship in Your Life and Business

Thrive Through It: A Guide to Redefine Resilience, Communicate with Empathy, and Practice Allyship in Your Life and Business

Author: Brittany N Cole

Have you ever experienced a change, challenge, or crisis that completely alters the rest of your life?

Most of us at some point in our lives will face the trauma and pain of loss - whether it's the loss of a job, ending of a relationship, health crisis, natural disaster, or death of a loved one.

Brittany Cole is much like you. She was working her individual development plan, navigating the challenges that come with being the only in the room, and hitting career milestones and promotions. Until one day, 3 months into her new high-profile role in the middle of Manhattan, she received a phone call from back home that brought her to her knees.

Thrive Through It is a powerful, practical, and paradigm-shifting guide that will help you cultivate resilience to journey

through change and loss in your life, career, or business. After devastating career and personal losses, Brittany realized that trying to move forward by looking in the rearview mirror to "bounce back" wasn't real resilience. No matter the kind of grief you've experienced, Brittany shares a framework through The Resilience Roadmap(R) to help you redefine resilience with authenticity, purpose, courage, and joy. Through thought-provoking and

transparent storytelling, research from leading organizations, insights from leaders across industries, and a curriculum with room to implement the inspiration, Thrive Through It will help you:

  • Elevate your emotional intelligence as you journey through change and loss
  • Communicate through differences and difficult decisions to build connection
  • Practice empathy as an ally and advocate for others
  • Remove your cape and mask to take up space and allow yourself to be seen

Brittany is known for her ability to synthesize complex topics into practical behaviors that can be applied to your life and business. Thrive Through It will reshape your perspective on resilience as Brittany shares that "resilience is less about bouncing back and more aligned with how we extrapolate the lessons from our loss to reimagine, reassess, and reinvent our life in new ways." Resilience is a skill that we can develop and through The Resilience Roadmap(R) you will be encouraged and equipped to rediscover joy, communicate with empathy, and journey forward with real resilience as we thrive together!


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Publisher:Career Thrivers
Publish Date:Nov. 13 2020
Author:Brittany N Cole
Amazon Breadcrumb:Business Management

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