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Wooden Kaleidoscope

Wooden Kaleidoscope


In 1816, Dr. David Brewster from Scotland was the first to arrange mirrors and objects in a tube and call it a kaleidoscope. To this day, the kaleidoscope is a best selling gift that helps anybody find the beauty of the world. When not generating visual patterns, it is equally comfortable as a desk accessory for writing tools.

The weight distribution of its mirrors inside its unibody core makes it incredibly sturdy and balanced.

  • Assembled without any glue thanks to advanced laser carving technology - which extends lifespan by decades.
  • Rounded cornered triangle edges on each border are obtained by sanding up to very fine angles. All photos taken through the kaleidoscope have a look that is natural and impossible to mimic with digital filters.
  • Sanding up to 1500 grit and a natural flaxseed oil finish gives the Wooden Kaleidoscope a silky-smooth feel.
  • Comes inside handcrafted recycled packaging that looks beautiful on a shelf or on display.

5.6" l x 1.2" w x 1.7" h

0.3 lb

Made in Turkey

Stock: Only 2 units left Out of stock

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