The Urban Ritualist 2: Journey to Know Your Self

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The Urban Ritualist 2 is the second of four books in the Urban Ritualist series. It's subtitle "A Journey to Know Thyself" reflects the continuous and cyclical nature of Spirituality and Ritualism, and the necessity of mastering each step in the process of knowing yourself before moving to the next. The process of knowing thyself is an ancient one that was instituted in the teaching of the Kemetic schools that promoted spiritual cultivation and development, known as Mystery Systems. It was a tool to help all of humankind understand that they were not only physical beings interacting in a physical world, but that they were spiritual beings that could interact on a spiritual and physical level, in harmony, to affect a civilized and peaceful existence. The Urban Ritualist 2 continues to prepare the reader for their personal and conscious journey to uncover their purpose in the brave new world that is to come. This new world is not of humankind's making alone, but is manifesting on the level of universal consciousness where all of our Ancestors, all of the forces of nature, and all living beings in the universe are directing a great transformation towards a civilized (peaceful) world. The process began December 12, 2012, as a shift in vibration that could be experienced on the personal and universal consciousness level. If you ignored the change, don't worry, it happened. Now that you know it happened, read the Urban Ritualist 2 to uncover how you can align your physical and spiritual self to understand and flow with the vibration. The Urban Ritualist 2 provides step-by-step insight into the world of spiritual and cultural development, and sets the stage for everyone to enter into and play a conscious role in this new world community. We are all asking, where do we go from here; do we go back, forward in a different direction - and if so, what will that direction look like? The Urban Ritualist 2 will help you uncover the answers that already exist in our unive

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