The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ

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Every Bible student knows there are several years in the life of Christ that are unaccounted for. But what accounts for that gap? Was Jesus in Nazareth from the ages of thirteen through twenty-nine? Or was he teaching and studying in India, as this thoroughly intriguing — and controversial — book suggests?  , The story begins in 1887, when Russian explorer Nicolas Notovitch went on an expedition to learn about the customs of the people of India. During his travels, he visited a Buddhist monastery where he heard about a holy man, thought to be Jesus, who visited the region 2,000 years before. The Buddhists called him "Issa" — and there was an ancient document that could confirm the similarities. As Notovitch embarked on a treacherous journey to track down the evidence, he broke his leg in an accident and found himself recuperating at a monastery that possessed a copy of the document. The chief lama showed him a scroll that described a man with an uncanny resemblance to Jesus of Nazareth and his teachings. In spite of warnings from various churches, Notovitch published his findings. Whether you accept or deny this fascinating account of Christ's "missing years," — a claim that's attracted widespread attention — you'll agree it makes compelling reading for people of all faiths.

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