The Story of the Death of Hypatia

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The death of Hypatia is a pivotal event in the history of humanity; it marks the beginning of the end of ancient knowledge and wisdom, like wisps of smoke rising from the sand smothering the fire and light of reason. In Alexandria in the 400's Early Christianity was ending its struggle with religious piety by consecrating church dogma and attempting to eliminate not only paganism, but any other beliefs not consistent with Nicene decree.

Cyril, Patriarch of Alexandria, mercilessly persecuted Hypatia and her followers by deeming them heretics and attempting to destroy the knowledge for which she stood. Recent discoveries are only now bringing to light ancient Christian writings and wisdom hidden for over 1600 years. Contemporary praise of Hypatia and her scholarly brilliance casts an ominous shadow on Cyril. Though canonized by the Catholic Church for his work against paganism, many believe him to be directly responsible for her murder.

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