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The Rosebud Workbook & Journal

The Rosebud Workbook & Journal

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Welcome to The Rosebud Workbook & Journal!

This journal was inspired by owner Korresha's 10-year-old self. "The one who wish she had access to the information contained in The Rosebud at the time she began Menarche (a girl’s first bleed). It is my honor to provide a practical guide for young girls and teens to gain clarity and be empowered around their monthly cycle."

The Rosebud includes 1-year of tracking and monitoring the menstrual cycle. It contains age appropriate illustrations and terminology that helps the reader comprehend the material easily.

The Rosebud name was derived from the way that a rose seed develops. The rose seed grows in the hip of the rose (the rosehip) and blossoms into a beautiful rose once it has become mature. This process can be likened to the way a human fetus grows inside of the mother.

As The Rosebud matures by connecting into themself, empowering themself, sharing the knowledge with their peers, honoring their mind, body and spirit, they grow into a full blossomed Rose.

This Workbook and Journal features:

🌹 a diagram and definitions that discusses the basic organs in the reproductive system.

🌹 space to write their own Menarche story so they can become more comfortable with their truth of what should be a beautiful magical moment.

🌹 learn the 28-day menstrual cycle from day 1 to day 28 and what is occurring inside of the body throughout their monthly cycle. This cycle in an easy to follow diagram of the menstrual cycle.

🌹track and monitor their cycle for 1-year. There are prompts where they can track their moods, blood quality, premenstrual symptoms if any, dreams, body sensations, etc.

🌹access to food lists that can negatively impact the health of the reproductive system as well as foods and herbs that can increase the health of the womb.

🌹Throughout the month, the Rosebud has other general journal prompts that gives them an opportunity to be creative, write about how they view the world and themself, connect into their body, write about their celebrations and/or fears, etc.

🌹The Rosebud also has access to a reading list in the back of the back to further their self-exploration, increase body awareness, the ups and downs of being a teen, etc.

For more information about this local maker, please visit the Womb of Roses website.

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