The Real Book of Shadows: Psychic Cords, Dream Walking, Shadow Work, Soul Retrieval, & Past Life Healing

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The Real Book of Shadows is written for anyone who follows the path of the Spirit Worker, whether you are a witch, shaman, energy worker, magician, or just someone who is interested in the energetic healing of spirit. Inside this book you will find ways of clearing psychic debris, reclaiming and healing shadow aspects, and accessing the lost parts of self. These methods work on the level of the mundane as well as within the spirit realms.This book also acts as survival guide for those interested in exploring the many layered realms of spirit and energy while also maintaining a healthy state of well-being, as being a "walker between realms" often includes major energy shifts which can quickly deplete your own personal energy.Discover how to guide yourself or another person through issues of dissolving negative psychic cords, dream walking, shadow work, soul retrieval, and past life healing, among others.The topics within include: the Energetic Anatomy of Spirit, How to work with Energy, Dream Walking Among the Living, Dream Work with the Dead, Clearing Psychic Debris, How to Dissolve Negative Psychic Cords, Defining Shadow Work, Visioning into the Shadow, Soul Retrieval, and Healing Past Lives.

Deborah Voith is a shamanic witch, a Reiki master-teacher since 2007, a rootworker, and a registered nurse since 1985 with twenty-five years of experience in psychiatric emergency triage. She enjoys sharing many adventures with family, friends, fellow witches, and other spirit workers.

Having grown up in a haunted house, Deborah has a passion for all things paranormal and metaphysical. Her practice and research has led to her ongoing writing of the Spirit Work Series. The series covers a wide spectrum of topics ranging from basic spirit communication to dream walking, shadow work, spirit rescue, spirit release, and much more.

Deborah is an intuitive tarot reader, spirit communicator, and energy healer. She is a purveyor of her own line of magical oils and candles, and for many years teaches a variety of classes from traditional Usui Reiki, to Witchcraft and Spirit Work. For more information visit

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