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The Promethean Oracle

The Promethean Oracle

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When Prometheus stole the sacred Olympian flame and bestowed it upon humanity, he literally sparked the growth of civilization. Now Prometheus presents us with a different but no less significant gift: the guiding flame of insight, drawn from the stories and energies of the kings, gods, and heroes who complement history and mythology's great queens, goddesses, and heroines. This rich and lovely 50-card oracle deck and guidebook unifies male energies with those of the Chakras to create a unique and fresh approach to personal divination. You will be led by warriors like Odysseus, cunning kings like Hammurabi, quiet prophets like Elijah, and monsters like Pazuzu to strong intuitive wisdom that can be applied to your well-being and life's serious and day-to-day issues.
Author: Shultz, Sophia - Cogan, Mark.
Number of pages: 160.

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