The Power to Stop: Any Out-of-Control Behavior in 30 Days | Stopping as a Path to Self-Love, Personal Power and Enlightenment

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The Power to Stop is a 30-day do-it-yourself spiritual training program that stops bad habits, undoes out-of-control behaviors and ends substances abuse problems. It's revolutionary because it uses an ordinary, unwanted behavior as an essential tool for developing self-love, personal power and moments of enlightenment. The secret of success is the experience of self-love, which is learned through four easy and practical stopping skills.

There's a skill for the mind a skill for the spirit a skill for the heart and a skill for the body. Each skill by itself is powerful and produces a calming result; however, when all four skills are practiced in a disciplined way, the intention to stop is amplified and leads to a full-life expression of stopping. In addition to teaching the essential life-skill called stopping, The Power to Stop accelerates personal growth, restores connection with God and renews deep, rich meaning in life. Take the happy leap from wasting your life to saving it with love.

Karen Bentley is the author of 17 books, an educator and media personality. She's an expert in using the power of love to solve problems, especially stopping problems. As the creator of The Sugar-Free Miracle Diet System, Bentley developed a weight loss program that also stops out-of-control eating. Over 3,000 people have been helped by her life-changing program. Bentley is also the producer and host of Stopping Nation, a national directory and focal point for spiritual, religious, holistic and alternative stopping resources.

The Power to Stop is within you. Embrace it, and it will embrace you. -Revs. Debora and Paul Phelps, Miracles One Foundation Church, ,

You don't think you have the power to stop? Stop that thinking. You do have the power and now you have the tools. -Rev. Tony Ponticello, author of After Enlightenment; co-founder of Community Miracles Center, ,

I love Karen Bentley, she glows.-Lisa Natoli, author of Gorgeous for God

The Power to Stop is truly a treasure that will change your life. -Robert and Mary Stoelting, co-founders of Pathways of Light

The Power to Stop is designed to transform your spiritual understanding into a living reality. It's well-written, funny, engaging, effective and practical. -DavidPaul Doyle, author of The Voice for Love

Finally, a book that offers a quick and effective way to stop those destructive behavior patterns we all struggle with. -Rev. Myron Jones, author of Healing Family Relationships

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