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The Path Forward | A Shift Into a New Era

The Path Forward | A Shift Into a New Era

Author: Durrett
This book explores the various shifts underway, such as spiritual, cultural, political, and economic shifts. It is not what you would expect to read unless you have been a reader of new-age material. The heart of the book comprises ideas recently (since 2012) released by Kryon, as channeled by Lee Carroll. The ideas are clearly controversial and will be difficult for most to consider as possible.

For instance, human beings are now changing into quantum humans. This affects civilization. What does that mean? And how will it impact humanity? It basically means that love is going to flourish, and more people are going to become aware of their inner spiritual self. This is a very positive, exciting outcome for humanity.

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Publisher:Ten Books Publishing
Publish Date:June 18 2020

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