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The Nerd: Who Saved the Universe

The Nerd: Who Saved the Universe

Author: Rich Fontaine, Adriana Morales Zayas, Abigail Summer, Peter Zayas, Ahman Manraihad
This story is about gaining self-esteem in oneself to face any problem life has to throw at us, to follow the 3 rules of greatness that will lead us out of our heads and into the field, to not be afraid of the opposition but embrace the challenge to become our own heroes! Ernest like many of the kids nowadays doesn’t have many friends, is made fun of in school, has to deal with bullies and lacks self-esteem because of his small thin frame and oversized glasses. He is considered a nerd that doesn’t even get good grades in school but inside of him is a courageous heart that is a yearning to be unleashed. Living in a small town with an uneventful life he tends to retreat into his head which is exploding with imagination that leads him from an unpopular reality into an outstanding adventure! He always lived in his fantasy world until one day the real world became the adventure when he becomes prey to a real-life monster! The Bully of Bullies, The Mammoth. In this problem, Ernest realizes with some imagination, faith from an Angel, The Knights of Epic encouraging him plus finding the keys to greatness within himself, he’ll face his bullies once and for all to become “The Nerd! Who saved the Universe!
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Publisher:Independently published
Publish Date:June 1 2019
Author:Rich Fontaine, Adriana Morales Zayas, Abigail Summer, Peter Zayas, Ahman Manraihad
Amazon Breadcrumb:Literature & Fiction

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