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the Moon Phase Flower of Life Ceramic Mug

the Moon Phase Flower of Life Ceramic Mug

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Coffee or tea in style: this mug with the Flower of Life and all the moon phases is a wonderful spiritual gift. The Flower of Life is a symbol for all life in our universe, and the moon a well-known spiritual symbol. According to experts, it influences how we feel and how we act. This mug with the Moon and the Flower of Life is a modest, spiritual statement. Moon and Flower of Life; meaning The Flower of Life and the Moon are depicted on this mug. Both have multiple meanings. They are seen in different schools of thought. The Flower of Life is a nature symbol from sacred geometry. The Flower of Life shows the connection that exists between all life in our universe. The symbol is thousands of years old and has been found in various civilizations. The Flower of Life pattern contains the Golden Ratio: in other words, the perfect ratio! The moon has several meanings: among Wiccan followers it is the symbol for the feminine, the

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