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The Magician Body Oil

The Magician Body Oil

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The Magician is our manifestation oil! It helps you anchor your manifestations into the physical realm. Conjuring it up from the mind, the spiritual realm, and anchoring it into earth! This oil does connect to the Divine Masculine side of the body which connects to action, connecting to resources and your skills. This oil will help you tap into your unlimited potential. It is great to bring forth new beginnings, a new chapter, manifestation. Inspired by the Magician tarot card. Suggested oil mix, apply Magician on the right side of the body and High Priestess on the left side. Besides just being a body oil, you can also use this oil on candles to add intention, crystals, and more. There are many uses for these ritual body oils. Made in ritual and infused with Magick, Intention, and Reiki energy Scent: Bergamot & Vetiver 2 oz Ingredients: Coconut oil, essential oil and essence oil blend, mica powder, herb blend, crystals, For legal purposes, results are not guaranteed

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