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The MacDara Chronicles: Overcomer

The MacDara Chronicles: Overcomer

Author: Judy Colella

Celeste Kelly and Katie Grandol have been best friends since pre-school; they usually answer questions simultaneously and identically, and in spite of sheltered upbringings, they are typical sixteen-year-old high school sophomores. Then one afternoon while hanging out at their local mall in Connecticut, they see a young man whose good looks are almost supernatural. He shows up in school the next day as a new student from Atlanta, Georgia; from then on, their lives become entwined and will never, ever be the same. He has a destiny, one that has brought him from somewhere far more distant than either Georgia or his native Ireland. The three embark upon an adventure through time that concludes in a battle against one of the most evil demons in existence. Only with the help of the Druids (and one or two angels) will this battle end on the side of good.

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Publisher:Publishamerica Inc
Publish Date:Aug. 25 2008
Author:Judy Colella

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