The Life of Tapa: My Journey with a Blue Heeler: a Guide to Healthier, Happier Dogs

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Though we may be familiar with dogs being wonderful pets and our best friends, our canine companions are also powerful teachers and loving guides. The Life of Tapa—one woman’s journey with her Blue Heeler dog reveals these truths in a heartwarming and heart-breaking story of Tapa’s sudden, fatal illness. The author addresses the ups and downs of traditional veterinary medicine, the hope of homeopathy, and the growing problem of acute canine kidney disease and its challenges. She also addresses the problems with corporate dog foods and proposes more ideal diets for healthier and happier dogs. The Life of Tapa portrays a deep soul connection between two warriors; a woman battling loss and betrayal in her personal life, and a dog battling her role as protector and loyal companion in the face of death. The two are bonded forever not only by the incredible adventures they shared in life but by the one cosmic and universal force that permeates all life and all living creatures—pure love.

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