The Horus Maat Lodge | The Grimoire of a PanAeonic Magickal Tribe

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Founded in 1979, The Horus Maat Lodge was birthed along with the internet where it flourished and gained most of its members and offered all the written and artistic fruits of the praxis of Horus and Maat for over three decades. It is a grimoire of a truly modern occult order proclaiming itself the first ‘cyber occult order’ in that most ritual work is done via the internet in conjunction with astral gatherings. Though some nodes of adepts meet in person, most of these group-workings are organized, agreed upon and set in motion online. The records, rituals, dialogues, discussions, papers, art and so on that are generated by the members of this Lodge have always been online, including our Journal, and our ‘Book of Rituals’ has almost always been our website except for a small pamphlet published before the internet existed. We have never done things like any other magickal order, nor do we declare a long lineage or ancient pedigree of any sort.

We have always been the ‘l’enfant terrible’ of the occult world and embraced Quantum physics, string theory and the core of Erisian ethos way past what has been seemly amongst the more august and serious occult orders. I like to think we are the punk rockers of the occult world, and there is some literal truth there. We embraced what became ‘Chaos Magick’ before the term existed and we focused on sigil magick and outré, creative, flexible, original art-based magickal rites as TOPY and other such far-out magicks flourished. So ‘Solve’ were we, it seems that now it is time to ‘Coagula.’

If we had an OHO or guru, it would have been Nema, Priestess of Maat, the most awesome, far-out, border-breaking Magus I have ever encountered.

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