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The Healing of the Masculine and the Feminine

The Healing of the Masculine and the Feminine

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In the past few centuries, Western society has done a beautiful job of inventing better ways for us to survive through divine masculine energy. However, if we are to move into the next era of creation and truly thrive as a species and planet—we must recover the divine feminine energy both within and without. By doing so, we will create better quality relationships with ourselves as well as everything and everyone around us.If we can direct our energy as individuals and collective society towards emotional intelligence (discovering, processing, and transforming our feelings and emotions), we can transform ourselves and become better able to bear witness to others. These tools will allow us to move back into balance and deliver us again into our natural state of oneness, cooperation, and co-creation with each other and all things.We begin the journey to regain the “other half” of ourselves and our world by discovering that it lies inside each and every one of us. When this concept has been fully integrated, we will then realize that we all have the power to reclaim it.This book is a must read for those interested in the inner world of: personal growth, self-help, healing, relationships, and mindfulness, as well as the outer world of: environmental activism, healthy families and communities, and world peace.

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