The Encyclopedia of Misinformation

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A compendium of imitations, spoofs, delusions, simulations, counterfeits, impostors, illusions, confabulations, conspiracies and miscellaneous fakery In a world of fake news and alternative facts, click bait and cat fishing, who can we trust. How is it that we are continuously fooled by history, the media, politicians, pop culture, and our own minds. Remember when orson welles convinced every one the martians had invaded. Or the flat earthers...Wait those guys are still around. Why. How. Encyclopedia of misinformation is a collection of the deceptions, fakes, conspiracies and self-delusions through time, what tricks us and how we trick ourselves.  Hardcover. (This book may contain a small mark on the bottom edge; in the publishing industry this means that it cannot be returned to another wholesaler.)

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