The Eighteen Absent Years of Jesus Christ

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Where was Jesus between the ages of 12 and 30? The Bible says nothing of these years or his whereabouts during that time. There are clues, however, and the author follows some of them in this book, bringing us to a conclusion which he feels is the most obvious. It's been claimed that there have been more books written on the subject of Jesus than on any other subject in the history of publishing. There have been so many books over the years that put forth so many different theories about Jesus - that he was married, that he survived the crucifixion, that he came from outer space, that he was an Essene, that he founded Mormonism, that he traveled to India, to Egypt, to Tibet, to South and Central America, and a host of other ideas that are sometimes probable, but more often stand as nothing more than conjecture. So what happened simple and rational solution that could in fact make more sense than all the other theories combined. Chapter titles include The Improbable Journey into Thibet; The Family of Jesus; Jesus, the Worker in Wood; Christ's Power of Healing; The Education of Jesus; and To Those Who Would Follow in the Way He Led. Because this book is easy to read it is recommended for young readers as well as old.

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