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The Dohrman Prophecy

The Dohrman Prophecy

Deep in a mystical forest, hidden by centuries of myth and stealth technologies, three monolithic stones rise like beacons—brought to this planet by an unknown source. The central obelisk is the most secret possession of the Church, and it is alive in ways that no one predicted, yet uncannily dormant. But there is One who will awaken it, but who? and when?—these speculations are whispered among the elite who have read the most secret of all books, The Dohrman Prophecy. The awakening has begun from a single journey by a single being, but all of us will feel the changes. From the author, artist, poet, composer who created the contemporary mythology known as the WingMakers, comes a new journey into consciousness, equally provocative and stirring to the soul. The Dohrman Prophecy is an expansive novel set in a mystical time and mythical place, but its characters are carved from the very real forces that shape our world—religion, government and heroic individualism. The Dohrman Prophecy has it all: love, romance, fierce conflicts between good and evil, with intelligent characters who define individualism and personal transformation. If you’re a fan of Paulo Coelho or Khalil Gibran, you will love the poetic prose of The Dohrman Prophecy. Its message of transformation and love has that rare flavor of truth and substance that only the best works of spiritual fiction offer.
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