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The Atlantean Imprint

The Atlantean Imprint

Author: Christina M. Blackwell

When Alexa suddenly begins experiencing excruciating headaches and delusions of a culture and people she doesn’t immediately recognize, she wonders if she’s losing her mind. But the murder of one of her parents’ employees and the subsequent shooting of her mother and cousin suddenly forces her to re-evaluate her visions. As memories resurface of her life in Atlantis, Alexa is driven to write them down in unerring detail. While events unfold in the present that uncannily resemble the past, Alexa knows that her Atlantean love, Danu, has promised to find her in this lifetime, but will Danu be able to do so before Xynu, back in this lifetime, attempts to ruin them all?

The Atlantean Imprint takes you on a journey into a culture that no longer exists. With advanced spiritual knowledge of the universal oneness, crystals, and the Earth’s energy, the Atlanteans had created an idyllic way of life. And yet they abused their gifts and lost it all. Or did they? Thanks to a few who were chosen to imprint, Atlantis and all its knowledge could rise again.

About the Author: Christina M. Blackwell was born in California, raised in Europe, and then moved to Canada for seven years before settling in Florida with her husband and four kids. With all that moving around, books became wonderful friends. When she read Edgar Cayce on Atlantis, she got hooked on the lost continent. It was inevitable that she'd write her own book on Atlantis. She's presently working on another Atlantean tale.

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Publisher:Balboa Press
Publish Date:Nov. 14 2012
Author:Christina M. Blackwell

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