The Ascension Guidebook: Pleiadian Guides Reveal the Four Energy Activations that Prepare Earth Beings for Ascension in 2012

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Ascension Seekers - the book you've been waiting for! The Mayan Timekeepers, as well as a host of other spiritual groups around the world, confirm 2012 as the date for Earth's ascension into the Fifth Dimension. . Since 1996 while living in Hawaii, author Duane Henkle has maintained a strong psychic connection with Pleiadian Guides who have revealed - in their words - "the Four Energy Activations that prepare Earth Beings for the coming shift to the Fifth Dimension in 2012." And now, though the pages of this book, author Henkle shares this powerful Pleiadian knowledge with spiritual seekers everywhere. The good news is that anyone, even beginners, can do these activations by following the illustrated, step-by-step instructions in the book.

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