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Successful Survivors | The 8 Character Traits of Survivors and How You Can Attain Them

Successful Survivors | The 8 Character Traits of Survivors and How You Can Attain Them

Author: Rhonda Sciortino, Matthew Barnett


Millions of people fail to reach their full potential. Many want to improve their lives, but simply do not know how. They do not understand how to turn their setbacks into opportunities, their failures into life lessons. As a result, they feel “stuck” in unhappy relationships, unfulfilling jobs, and financial debt.

After experiencing so much adversity, it’s tempting to lose all hope of improving your situation. Successful Survivors provides you with the toolset necessary to overcome the obstacles in your life. Pairing proven survival strategies with compelling, relatable stories of other successful survivors, Successful Survivors emphasizes that the only difference between victory and defeat is your ability to apply your full potential to the adversity in your life.

Successful Survivors teaches you:
- The eight key elements to master the challenges of your past
- To find the silver lining in past trauma, gaining strength from adversity
- To discover the life changing components evident in past survivors and how to cultivate these in your personal and professional life

Learn to see adversity as a welcome challenge and an opportunity for personal growth. Don’t get “stuck,” and don’t just survive—become a successful survivor.

Rhonda Sciortino is an author, motivational speaker and coach for authentic success. She overcame abuse, homelessness, and poverty to become a successful entrepreneur, spokeswoman, and advocate for abused children. She currently serves as the chair for the Successful Survivors Foundation, an organization created to help survivors of adversity to create personal and professional success. Rhonda lives in Southern California with her husband, Nick, near their daughter and her family. 

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Publisher:Hatherleigh Press
Publish Date:April 26 2016
Author:Rhonda Sciortino, Matthew Barnett
Amazon Breadcrumb:Motivational

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