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Straw Hand Fan Accessory Handwoven in Togo | Orange & Purple

Straw Hand Fan Accessory Handwoven in Togo | Orange & Purple

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This fan was woven was woven by hand from a special species of grass in Togo, a country in West Africa. With stunning patterns encompassing the entire fan, the contrast of colors make the key differences in the pattern almost pop out at you. This is a very durable fan and is quite sturdy, don’t be nervous about damaging it with normal use. Though it is sturdy, it also is flexible and will allow a slight bend to the handle and fan. This is a one of a kind fan with its special pattern and color combination; we can’t find duplicates when we buy them. This is a rare type of straw fan and really sets itself apart from the other fans. The quality of weave and color combination created by these artisans really shows you how much effort went into it. Each fan is roughly 12.5" tall and 12.5" wide. These dimensions can vary by .5"

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