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Selections from On A Wing and A Prayer

Selections from On A Wing and A Prayer

Author: Charles A. Filius

In Selections from On A Wing & A Prayer, Charles A. Filius, America s very own Extra-Large-Medium, serves up a collection of humorous and poignant essays documenting his own unique spiritual journey. He has astutely chronicled the day-to-day existence of a medium who refuses to take himself - or just about anyone else - seriously. There s one thing I ve learned that s a constant in life - and in death: you must learn to laugh, says Filius. And nobody knows that better than dead people. Other than John Wilkes Booth - that man has zero sense of humor. Charles profound gifts as a medium and humorist have made him a favorite amongst folks from coast-to-coast. His easy-going humor gives much-needed balance to sessions that can often be emotionally draining. Labeled one of the great undiscovered heroes of this work, by noted psychic Hans Christian King, Filius' use of humor and compassion during readings has been well-received, particularly among his peers. His distinctive voice and style are clearly apparent in this touching and laugh-out-loud-funny chronicle of a former non-believer who has stepped into his own as one of the most unique mediums around.

Charles A. Filius is a highly acclaimed psychic medium who initially began his professional career as a cartoonist. Initially, Filius was a most unlikely candidate as a medium, having spent many years as a spiritual non-believer. In the end, however, disbelief and skepticism became more difficult for Filius to overcome than actually believing and embracing his powerfully-emerging psychic gifts.

His first book, Selections from On A Wing and A Prayer, while not a strict, chronological autobiography, nonetheless cleverly retells the adventures of the self-proclaimed extra large medium as he makes his way along a path toward ever deepening spiritual experiences. In an effort to hone his skills, Filius studied with renowned psychic and astrologer Sandy Anastasi and is a certified instructor of the Anastasi System of Psychic Development. Charles regularly gives public and private demonstrations of his abilities, as well as teaches, on both the east and west coasts. Charles continues to hone his gift as a spirit medium while sharing his own experiences with others through his inspirational writings, drawings and lectures. He continues to work as a professional cartoonist and is a member of the National Cartoonist s Society.

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Publisher:Charles A. Filius
Publish Date:Dec 11 2007
Edition:First Edition
Author:Charles A. Filius

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