Secret of the Andes And The Golden Sun Disc of MU

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HIDDEN MONASTERY HIGH IN THE ANDES HOSTS THE SUN DISC - MAGICAL RELIC OF LOST CONTINENT SURVIVORS The Golden Sun Disc of MU was not made of ordinary gold, but was transmuted gold and unusual in its qualities in that it was a translucent metal similar, evidently, to the "metal you can almost look through" of the UFOs. Held by ropes of pure gold in a shrine in the greatest Temple of the Divine Light of the Motherland of MU, the gigantic Golden Disc of the Sun was placed on an altar, which was a pillar carved out of solid stone. There blazed the eternal White Light of the crystalline Maxin Flame, the Divine Limitless Light of Creation. About 30,000 BC, the Maxin Light went out on the altar because of the evil of some of the priest-scientists of MU. The Sun Disc remained in its shrine, however, until the time of the final destruction and submergence of 10-12,000 BC. The Disc eventually found its way to Lake Titicaca and was placed in a subterranean temple of the Monastery of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays. Here it was used not only by the students of life daily, but also by the Masters and the Saints from the Mystery Schools throughout the world so that they might be teleported back and forth to sit in Council or to partake of some Transmission Ceremony. When the spiritually advanced Incas came to Peru they placed the Disc of the Sun in a specially constructed Garden of Gold where it will remain until the day "when man is spiritually ready" to receive it and use it once again. On that day the Golden Disc will be taken out of its subterranean chamber and placed high above the Monastery of the Brotherhood. For many miles the pilgrims of the New Dawn will see it once again reflecting the glorious rays of the Sun. Coming from it will be an undeniable tone of purest harmony that will bring many followers of light up the foot-worn path to the ancient gate of the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays and they shall enter the Valley of the Blue Moon for fellowship. This book details the extraordinary spiritual adventures of Brother Philip in this lofty ashram high above the world, out of sight of prying eyes who would like to capture the Sun Disc for less than beneficial purposes. If is a fascinating story of good versus evil that is all the more relevant in these End Days. Noted paranormal author Tim Beckley has worked long hours to expand upon the original text of the Brother Philip material. With the assistance of Alternative Perceptions editor Brent Raynes, many related topics are now covered in an appendix of over 100 pages. Now you can join crystal skull expert Joshua Shapiro as he tells the amazing story of Peru The Land of UFOs. And the late John J. Robinson goes underground to explore reports of subterranean chambers and entrance ways to the inner earth that exist in the Andes. Known to legends of fans worldwide, Harold T. Wilkins gives his own findings on the Golden Sun And Disks of MU. Charles A. Silva, a writer on ancient astronaut and censored historical facts, asks readers to join him as he explores The Mysteries of Laguna De Huaypo. Brent Raynes' explores numerous Peruvian puzzles including shapeshifting and Peruvian whistles and their connection to alternative perception. If you enjoyed the works of Shirley MacLaine, Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, or are fascinated with ancient mysteries like that of the crystal skull, this book will reveal much that will be a benefit to your spiritual growth as well as just pure enjoyment.

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