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Screwing the Rules | The No-Games Guide to Love

Screwing the Rules | The No-Games Guide to Love

Author: Laurel House

Change your dating game to a winning strategy to find the partner you need with no games, no gambits, and no hiding of who you really are, and what you really want from a mate.

Laurel House believes that "The Rules" of yester-decades don't apply to today's evolved, headstrong, multifaceted women, who are taking longer to wed, often putting careers first and focusing on love and kids later. Screwing the Rules will challenge women to examine their expectations, hopes and dreams, dating strategy, relationship goals-and themselves-in a revised way. Screwing the Rules is about being honest about who you are and what makes you happy, then making smart decisions about potential compatibility.

Laurel speaks not only from the perspective of a professional relationship coach who has helped countless people, but from firsthand experience. She's admittedly made a lot of mistakes in her past relationships and discusses them candidly. In Screwing the Rules Laurel shares the lessons she's learned along the way.

Through seven distinct sections, the book takes the reader full circle. First working on yourself and figuring out what you want in a guy, how to find him, get him, and keep him. It advises when/if/how to let him go, heal, and get out there again. Screwing the Rules is all about helping women bring out their best, most confident, empowered self, and from that point of strength, provide the insight, tools, and direction needed to find their ideal match.

Laurel House has been writing about dating and sex for fourteen years as an expert and insider. As a professional dating coach, Laurel has been deemed the "Man Whisperer," and has written for Playboy, Men's Journal, Men's Health, and FHM. Laurel is a featured lifestyle expert on E! News, a dating/confidence coach on MTV'S Made, and a relationship expert for websites including,, and Her advice has been featured in US Weekly, Shape, Seventeen, Redbook, and many more publications in print and online. Laurel lives in Los Angeles.

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Publisher:Running Press Adult
Publish Date:Dec 23 2014
Author:Laurel House
Amazon Breadcrumb:Health, Fitness & Dieting

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