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Schmoove™ Cream | OTC Guang Hua 光滑(集)

Schmoove™ Cream | OTC Guang Hua 光滑(集)

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Schmoove™ (Guang Hua) is an herbaceutical product that alleviates and eliminates all types of skin conditions. The proliferation of chemicals in all aspects of our lives introduces skin problems to more and more people every year. Skin irritation, Wind-dampness, burns, skin damage, insect bites, rashes, Dryness and Wind-dryness to name a few.

Schmoove™ works by promoting proper skin function by providing the skin with the nutrition it needs. This quickly and effectively clears up skin problems and alleviates the burning or itching that goes along with these conditions regardless of the cause.

Clinically it has been successful in treating skin irritation, break-outs, burns, dryness, skin damage, and rashes. It was first formulated to treat burns for oncology patients who were undergoing radiation and chemotherapy but like many of our formulas, we found it to be useful many other ways.

Beyond correcting the aforementioned skin conditions, people started noticing their skin feeling and looking better than before. In fact the name for this formula came from a patient’s description of the way it made their skin feel…Schmoove™!


Schmoove Over-the-Counter (Guang Hua) Cream Ingredients:

 蔬菜甘油 Gān YóuVegetable Glycerin
 巫婆榛 頁精 Wū Pó Zhēn Yè JīngWitch Hazel Leaf Essence
 杏子 油 Xìng Zi YóuApricot Kernel Oil
 甘杏仁油 Gān Xìng Rén YóuSweet Almond Oil
 蜂蜡 Fēng LàBeeswax
 大黄 Da HuangRhubarb Root
 地膚子 Di Fu ZiKocia Fruit
 紫草 Bei Zi CaoLithospermum Root
 蒼耳子 Cang Er ZiXanthium Fruit
 黃苓 Huang QinScutellaria (Skullcap) Root
 紅花 Hong HuaSafflower
 炒赤芍 Chi Shao YaoRed Peony Root
 黄芪 Huang QiAstralagus Root
 北沙参 Sha ShenGlehnia Root
 薄荷 Bo HePeppermint Oil
 酒精 Jiǔ JīngEthanol (Plant Source)
 蒸馏水 Zhēng Liú ShuǐDistilled Water


Course of Treatment Over-the-Counter Dosage: For best results use 7.5cc-12cc on or near affected area three times daily for 90 days. Transition Time: Cream: 5 min. – 20 min.


Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Disperses Summer Heat
  • Eliminates Wind
  • Dries Dampness
  • Nourish Yin Fluid
  • Clears Heat
  • Clears Damp Heat
  • Promote Qi Circulation

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