Rose Quartz Double Terminated Wand

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These beautiful rose quartz wands are 4" in length and range in hues of blush pink to a muted pastel pink.


Considered the stone of love, Rose Quartz embodies agape love; love for oneself, their loved ones, community, the earth, the universe, the Divine…..

Rose Quartz aids in healing the heart, breaking down walls of isolation, and enveloping oneself in pure love and calmness. It's one of the most important stones to wear, meditate with, sleep with, and to keep in your environment. It is excellent at diffusing one’s surroundings with calm, loving energy and keeping a sense of harmony with interpersonal interactions.

The double termination of naturally double terminated crystals have double spiral growth patterns which allows energy to flow in both directions. single terminated crystals cut into double terminations will only flow energy one way. These amethysts were cut to be double terminated so their energy will only flow one direction.

Properties: Love, Gentleness, Emotional Healing, Stress Release, Divine Unity

Chakra: Heart (4th)

Element: Water

Made in Brazil

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